How To Remember Your Dreams

Do you remember your dreams? Have you had dreams of flying or falling, exploring a castle with winding staircases, being chased by a large animal, your teeth falling out? All these are fairly common dreams. Do you wonder what they could mean, or if they mean anything? What difference could it make in your life if you understood their meaning. Let us help you discover the answers to these questions and open a whole inner world.

Many people think they don’t dream because they don’t remember their dreams.

When asked, “Do you remember your dreams?” The friend I was talking to responded quickly, “Oh no, I don’t want to. They’re too crazy and scary when I do remember them.” Many people disregard dreams as unimportant and meaningless. They are like Scrooge in Charles Dickens’, “A Christmas Carol”, who quipped, “more gravy than grave”, upon remembering a ghostly dream; just chalking it up to nothing more than something he ate.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”


Actually our nighttime dreams are very important messages from our sub-conscious inner self. Dreams can give us valuable guidance, help to solve a problem, inspire, or comfort. There are recorded examples of famous artists, scientists, inventors and leaders who were guided to great discoveries through their dreams. There are many great works of art, scientific discoveries and inventions that have enriched our lives, which would not have been made if the artists and discoverers had not remembered their dreams. However, even what you may consider the most mundane or trivial dream can help you understand what happened in your experience yesterday or answer questions and give insight.

It is of vital importance to know how to interpret the message of your dream. The language we dream in is a picture-symbol language. When we know what the images we see mean it is like learning a new language. Suddenly those crazy dreams have meaning. An intuitive person can usually discern some meaning by realizing that everything in the dream is about the dreamer. The persons you see in your dreams are really some part of yourself, not actually that person.

At the School of Metaphysics one of the first and most important things we teach is dream interpretation. The first night of class I was instructed to get a dream journal and keep it by my bedside with a pen. The practice is to write in it every morning upon awakening. Even if I don’t remember a dream, I write the first thoughts I have upon awakening. After doing this for a while I began to understand myself better through the messages my dreams were giving me.

One of the first things we learn is that we always dream.

If you are asleep, you are dreaming, but there are many reasons why we don’t always remember them. Sometimes we experience a ‘drought’ in our dream recall. Even those of us who value remembering dreams very highly can go through periods of not remembering. During one of those times I collected many suggestions from teachers and classmates at the School of Metaphysics. I am happy to share the list of suggestions I gathered for anyone who wants to enrich self-understanding.

  1. Value your dreams; have a desire and expect to remember them.
  2. Envision yourself remembering dreams. See yourself sharing them with friends.
  3. Have a dream journal and pen at hand. Write in it as soon as you wake.
  4. Affirm, “I remember my dreams”, many times a day.
  5. Learn and practice dream interpretation.
  6. Awaken slowly.
  7. Set an alarm for 90 minutes after going to sleep.
  8. Do not eat before going to bed.
  9. Take B vitamins, especially B12.
  10. Think in pictures.
  11. Be persistent.

Some of these may not make sense or you may find that you would like further help. You can learn more about dream interpretation by going to our website, We also have many books on dream interpretation which you may order from our site.

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Life is an Adventure if You Choose to Make it One

Accompanied by the serenity and vastness of the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland serves as one of the most peaceful yet extraordinary retreats for the aspirant ones who find salvation in travelling around the world. It in-fact has been ranked as the most peaceful country of the world by the Global Peace Index of 2017.

The quietude of the country along with the abundance of natural marvels is incomparable as well as astounding. Intense volcanic and tectonic activity that happened in the past gradually led to the formation of distinctive land forms that are nowhere to be seen in any other part of this planet. Apart from natural brilliance Iceland is also known for its bustling night life full of parties and entertainment.

Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age.

James Joyce

Consulting a travel guide and tour operator would be the most effective thing to do because such agencies can help fix accommodations, flight bookings and tour packages at affordable rates. If the traveler pursues his/her journey by pre-booking all the necessities there will be no hindrances in the future.

  • Enjoy some local food, brews and views
  • Visit Some of the many state parks
  • Spot the famous Bixby Creek bridge
  • An unforgettable visit to Big Sur, California

Such mlvpures are suitable especially during holiday slvpons such as Christmas, when millions of tourists flood the entire country to enjoy invigorating moments. It even becomes impossible to get instant bookings for holiday activities like taking a fresh dip in the Blue Lagoon.

Places you can go for

One of the best tours for Iceland would be around the Golden Circle. This part of Iceland encompasses volcanic terrain, glaciers, beautiful farmhouses for leisurely stops, an earthquake exhibition center, the Thingvellir National Park and the highly renowned Gulfross Waterfall.

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one. Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.”

Gautama Buddha

One will have several options to learn about the Icelandic culture and geography, witness nature, venture into thrilling parts such as volcanic craters or perhaps ice-formed caves and altogether obtain spiritual bliss amidst the breath-taking falls.

Other popular destinations include a tour to the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), which is also a very occasional event and the Southern Coast. The southern Icelandic parts also include popular tourist destinations such as hot water springs and the world famous black beaches (coastal regions shrouded by black sand).

What can we summarize?

Firstly, it is always best to prepare before the trip. This should be everyone’s first step to enjoy a hassle-free experience amidst the scenic heritage of the world’s most peaceful country. Due to the inflating amount of tourists every single thing ranging from hotels to flights and transport services gets flooded and so instant bookings become a vague possibility.

It’s safe to say that one single visit to Iceland is not enough to fulfill a traveler’s wanderlust. The country has so many naturally enriched destinations, adventure-filled spots and a colorful city like Reykjavik that it indeed lures people back again.

The tourism industry has progressively expanded with a significant rise in international visits every year. This in-turn has solved various regional as well as economical issues of the country. The amount of tourists has reached thrice as higher than the native population and is likely to grow even more due to the distinctive features which this beautiful snow-capped country offers.

With pre-booking methods and help from significant operators tourists will have all the comfort they need during the trip. Such agencies suitably arrange mini-bus tours, accommodations and also include extra-tour-breaks for the leisurely delight of visitors. Hence, over-crowded places can be avoided and people can travel in luxury, altogether enjoying the sublimity of the Icelandic heritage without having to go through a scarcity of hotels.

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