About Kids in SA Kids in SA is all about sharing your love for kids, sharing your pics and fun! Q, Do we do advertising, no sorry, but we would love to have you as a follower.  Q Is this the same as others in Adelaide, not Kids in SA is different, we are all about sharing great photos with everyone!  Q Can we contact you, yes sure, on Instagram via DM. Q Can we share our pictures? Yes, sure but we can’t post more than five posts a week.  Kids in SA have so many wonderful moments, during school, school holidays, with family and during activities, all children love playgrounds, learning and being happy.  What a wonderful place to be.  Do you have a great photo of your child in Adelaide?  During the public holidays, at school, maybe at a playground? Drawing? Did you travel during the year? Do you have fun photos? What’s your favourite thing to do with your kids? Naptime, school holidays, reading, travel, play time? We love kids’ photos! A way to capture a moment forever.  Kids in SA – Check out the Instagram – You can visit and see wonderful kids’ pictures.